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Constitution Cleaning, Redundancy busters.

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1 Constitution Cleaning, Redundancy busters. on Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:42 am


In the INOP, we want a strong constitution that anybody can always lean back on if they need to. Part of this will to keep it clean and free of redundancies and loopholes.

So, this thread.

In this thread; we alert people or any redundancies or loopholes we spot in the constitution that nobody else seems to have noticed. Also suggest re-phrasings of passages if they make little sense.

- All posts to remain respectful of who wrote the original Passage or Paragraph.
- Only alert us to problems in CONFIRMED proposals, if it is not confirmed it does not go in this thread.
- If you think it's wrong but small enough to get by and not need a post, post it anyway. I would rather be flooded by hundreds of small corrections than have a weak constitution.

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You are a smart man, good job. Smile

Oh, and for the constitution, I would suggest Human Rights definitely being in it.

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What about Rabbits Rights? It's not all human's, one country is run by Rabbit's.

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Senitent rights then? Razz

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